Our physical activity resources

Some of our available resources in action.
Some of our available resources in action.

Macmillan move more resources

The physical activity team has resources to provide those affected by cancer and healthcare professionals with practical advice and tools on how to safely become more physically active during and after treatment. Here’s what Helen Birch, 43 who was diagnosed in 2010 had to say about one of our resources:

“The most beneficial bit was the activity diary that I was given, because I found it really really good to track what you were doing. But by actually writing it down each day, it just helped me stay on track. And it pushed me; it gave me that incentive to get on.”

By using our available tools and information, more people can benefit from physical activity as Helen has done. To hear more about her story click here.

For anyone providing services for people affected by cancer, we recommend our basic cancer awareness course which can be found on the Macmillan Learn Zone alongside many other learning resources. It’s a course that all members of our team have taken and we think you can benefit too.

These resources are available here, simply register and order away!

Keep a look out for more posts introducing specific resources and how best to use them. Happy ordering!


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