Move More West Suffolk Success Story!

Local rock guitarist, Colin Moore (65) from Great Ashfield, was diagnosed with throat cancer in October 2014. Move More West Suffolk and Anna, the Macmillan Physiotherapist at Bury Physio, has helped him to recover his strength, confidence and voice to get back on stage in Suffolk.

Colin’s diagnosis of throat cancer was a real shock, after initially thinking he was just experiencing hay fever symptoms. He got referred to a specialist a few weeks after his second trip to his GP. Then after a nasal endoscopy, and biopsy, he was diagnosed.

Colin was surprised and how much Chemotherapy and radiotherapy fatigued him, and along with loss of 3 stone in weight due to the inability to swallow food properly he really didn’t feel himself anymore; the guitar player in a rock band, and an engineer as a profession.

“It felt like I wasn’t me anymore. I didn’t have the strength to pick up an amplifier, I ran out of breath easily and there was no way I could stand holding a guitar for a two-hour gig”

Due to these setbacks he decided it was time to get his confidence back and get fitter. Colin’s wife was with him for every appointment, and found the Move More West Suffolk leaflet and supported Colin to attend the service. This really highlights the importance of having support from partners and family.

Macmillan’s research shows exercise can slow disease progression and ease the side effects of treatment, such as depression, fatigue, and joint pain. Colin was treated by Anna Clayton, the Macmillan physiotherapist at Bury Physio. Her treatment worked wonders for Colin’s mental and physical health.

“The emotional side of things is often overlooked. I felt, looked, and sounded different after my cancer treatment. The Move More programme gave me the push to go out and meet people again”

Although the journey to recovery was a slow one Anna made the whole process easier for colin, treating him as an individual and working towards his goals.

“She played an important part in helping me get my confidence back”


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