Charity cycling – Way of the Roses

Greg Hayward Cycling

On the 28th June Greg Hayward (York HEAL project manager) will be cycling the infamous Way of the Roses route from the West (Morecombe) to the East (Bridlington) coast. Greg and a team of 3 cyclists will be tackling the hilly 170 mile route in just one day for a local charity to help residents in York living with and after breast cancer.

York Breast Friends is a recently established support group for residents of York and the surrounding area who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The group is a peer-led charity and provides a safe and supportive environment by holding regular meetings and organising fun activities for those living with and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis. Greg is part of the council’s HEAL team and has seen firsthand the positive influence support groups can have on individuals affected by cancer, especially when clinicians and health professions are unable to relate to the emotional and physical experiences.

We wish Greg the best of luck with this huge challenge! If you would like to donate and make a difference to many lives you can sponsor the Way of the Roses team HERE.


Jantastic is a unique and exciting digital challenge that gives individuals and teams the structure and motivation to achieve their personal fitness, health and performance goals through the tough winter months. It’s perfect for that New Year’s resolution to add some physical activity into your lifestyle.

It’s a wonderful tool for whether you’re already an exercise junkie or just starting out with some moderate physical activity, and for the first time, Jantastic participants can set fitness targets in running, cycling and swimming (or a combination of the three) and also have the option of raising money for Macmillan via a one-off donation or by fundraising as they commit to their fitness goals.

Jantastic works across three distinct four-week blocks. Each block is about setting yourself a personal running/swimming/cycling goal and as Jantastic progresses through January, February and March so does the level of your challenge. And that’s the best part. It’s tailored to YOU and the level you are happy to start with, whether that’s walking 10 minutes or running for 30.

If you coordinate or help run a physical activity project encourage your service users to take part in Jantastic as motivation to reach their physical activity goals, whatever they are.

For more information about Jantastic head to