Why we’re getting sporty

Physical Activity can have huge health benefits for people with cancer. So to encourage more people to get active, we’ve teamed up with Sport England to fund a new project called Get Healthy, Get into Sport.

One of the project’s ambassadors is Jonathan Deakin, who’s been a personal trainer for 18 years and was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. In his role, he advises other people living with cancer about being physically active at levels that are right for them.

Jonathan says, ‘As the project ambassador, I hope to be able to pass on my experience of how exercise can be beneficial. I’m in the unique position of being able to appreciate the patient’s viewpoint.

‘I’ve always been extremely active and throughout my treatment I continued to exercise, albeit not as much. I feel that the combination of daily exercise like walking, together with a balanced strength training programme really helped me.

‘I may not be exercising at the same intensity but I’m still feeling all the benefits, such as improved energy levels, mental alertness and better sleep. Even if you haven’t exercised much before, I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial it can be for people with cancer.

‘Physical Activity has been a huge factor in managing my disease. Every time I walk into the gym or play tennis it feels like a victory over the brain tumour.’

To find out more about how we’re helping people with cancer get active, visit www.macmillan.org.uk/physicalactivity