A day in the life of our Project Officer, Jenna Stockwell


I’m lucky enough to live close to the office, so my day starts off with a brisk walk in. It’s not the most scenic route and it’s a straight line, but at least there’s no risk of me getting lost! My role as project officer in the team is mainly around project support, in particular for health walks and my days vary considerably. Today, I’m off to a meeting with the Walking for Health team to see how we can improve the website to make it more user friendly. We want to make the website as seamless and easy as possible so that we can get more people active through walking, especially those who are affected by cancer. Then it’s back to my sit-stand workstation to review a guidance note that we have produced with hints and tips for Move More services to link with their local health walks scheme. After a lunch break and some fresh air, I’m ready to draft an internal news story about our Barriers and Motivators research and its associated press release about the importance of friends and family to support people living with cancer to get active. It’s great to spread the word about our exciting work. And before I know it, it’s 5pm and time for another brisk walk home!