Move More Glasgow Case Study

Good Move Glasgow

This week we hear from Eileen who is a service user on the Move More Glasgow service.

In Eileen’s words…

Following my retirement after 40 + years in nursing left me with the question what am I going to do now? I wanted some physical activity with the opportunity to make new friends. I found exactly what I was looking for with the Stables walking group.

I had been going there for about a year when Jim my husband became ill. It was then that it became a life line offering a diversion for an hour every week that was my “me time.” Not only did I get exercise but chatting about anything and everything with the friends I had made there made such a difference to me. The people I chatted to had no knowledge of my home circumstances, they didn’t need to I just needed that diversion.

After Jim had his transplant and had been discharged from hospital he was understandably very weak so we started looking at ways in which he could improve his stamina, but was not too strenuous. A leaflet about Gentle Movement class, based at the Calman Centre at Gartnavel Hospital seemed ideal. It was, and Jim benefitted from it immensely. It improved him not only physically but gave him the mental support to regain his self-confidence.

Both Jim and I have attended coffee mornings and meetings organised by Macmillan, the information and friendship that we have found at these groups has so enhanced our lives. We now both go to the Stables walking group which has also led to us being part of their Heritage group. Jim attends gentle movement class and also goes to an arts and crafts group at the Burrell museum.

Macmillan and Move More have given Jim and I such a purpose to our lives and we feel enriched by it. We both know how different the outcome could have been and realise how very lucky we are to have had support from such a wonderful organisation.

Eileen & Jim Rough

To find out more call your local Move More Coordinator on 0141 287 0241 or email

Thank you and goodbye

My name is Kirsten Hall and I am currently studying Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath, as part of my degree I had the opportunity to take a year out and work at Macmillan within the physical activity team.

This year I have developed my knowledge of physical activity and long-term conditions by working on a range of projects. I have developed a guidance note with advice on how a physical activity service can link with their local walking for health scheme, managed the running of TeamSpace, uploaded the services onto In Your Area and written a recommendations paper to suggest improvements to the physical activity page on the Macmillan website. I have also had a paper published which is something I am extremely proud of!

I have also been fortunate enough to travel the country and meet the amazing project leads who are the backbone to what we do. They are consistently inspiring people living with cancer to become more active by delivering a behaviour change intervention over a 12-month period. Through them and the service users I have met, I have learnt what it is like to live with a cancer diagnosis and the challenges they have to overcome each day and most importantly how physical activity has helped them return to normal.

I will be forever grateful to Macmillan for the opportunity and experiences you have given me. You have inspired me to pursue a career in physical activity and long-term conditions and I hope use every skill, experience and opportunity in the future to get people moving more and sitting less.